Trilby's BBQ Sauce, Dry Rub & Seasonings

Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest - "It's the Best"

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Trilby's award winning BBQ sauce

Trilby's Award Winning BBQ Sauces

Our award winning sauces are made in the Kansas City tradition – they are sweet, tangy and smoky with a little pepper to the finish. Each 30 gallon batch is made by hand with the highest quality ingredients and the utmost care. Trilby's BBQ Sauces are great as a condiment for burgers and sandwiches, for dipping appetizers, fries and chips, as ingredients in recipes like meatloaf and baked beans and of course for basting ribs, chicken or any meat!  

Available in

Pint Sized Glass Bottle:  $6.00 plus S&H

Half Gallon Food Service Jug:  $18.00 plus S&H

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Trilby's dry rub and seasonings

Trilby's Seasonings

Our line of dry rubs & spice blends are perfect for seasoning meat prior to cooking or as general purpose seasonings for soups, sauces and entrees.  All our rub recipes are MSG & gluten free and most are low in sodium and sugar so you can add great flavor to your food even if you have dietary restrictions.  

Ruba Dub Dub - Trilby's Spices up Yer Grub!

Available in

4oz Shaker:  $6.00

8.5oz Shaker:  $11.00

20oz Shaker:  $20.00

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Trilby's gourmet dip mixes

Trilby's Dip Mixes

In the summer of 2013, we partnered up with Serendipity in Kirkland, so that we could offer you a line a fantastic and simple to make dips.  Preparation instructions:  Just stir!  The packets are designed to mix with 2 cups of your choice of sour cream, yogurt or cream cheese.

Please visit Serendipity Artisan Dips to re-order.

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