Trilby's BBQ Sauce, Dry Rub & Seasonings

Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest - "It's the Best"

Quick Tips & Serving Suggestions


Basting:  Obviously our BBQ sauces are the best choice for basting anything on the grill or smoker, but basting works just as well in the oven.  Since our recipes are sweet ones, you'll want to cook your meat most of the way and just baste at the finish to avoid burning.

Dipping:  French fries, chicken nuggets or wings, meatballs, egg rolls...If you're thinking about dipping it, try it in Trilby's!

Condiment: If yoarreachinfothketchup, trTrilby's instead! Burgers, meatloaf

sandwiches and grilled sausages are particular favorites.

Ingredient:  Perfect for crockpot pulled pork.  Try a shot in your baked beans, marinades and dressings or chili.  Works great as sauce for BBQ chicken pizza too!  


Dry rub:  Use any of our spice blends as dry rub seasonings.  Simply shake an even coating of the seasoning onto the outside of your piece of meat and rub or massage spices in with your fingers.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 to 24 hours.  The longer it sits, the more the flavor penetrates the meat, creating a more flavorful 'bark.'  A great, healthy way to season your food.

Marinade:  A marinade is made up of a little oil, a little acid and some spices.  Use 1 part oil (olive, vegetable or coconut) and 2 parts acid (citrus juice, wine, beer, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, vinegar for example) and a tablespoon or two of one of our seasoings.  The combinations are limitless - use your imagination!  Place meat in a ziplock bag with marinade and refrigerate for 1 to 24 hours.

All purpose seasonings:  Just throw a dash or two of the appropriate Trilby's seasoning into your soup, stew, sauces, gravies, pasta, salad, casserole, meatloaf, saute, stir fry, roasted vegetable dish, popcorn, french fries, dressings, dips, spreads...I could go on and on! 

The following are some quick recipes for you to earn "bragging rights" at your next cook out or party. Remember you can also use Trilby's BBQ Sauce as a dip with your favorite chips! Kids just love em'.

Trilby's BBQ Meatballs
2 pounds Ground Beef
1/3 Jar Trilby's BBQ Rub
2 Eggs
1 Jar Trilby's BBQ Sauce

Mix ground beef, eggs and Trilby's BBQ Rub thoroughly by hand or by mixer, roll into 1-inch diameter sized balls. Place on a cookie sheet with an edge and cook until browned, approximately 45 minutes to 1-hour at 400 degrees.

When cooked place into a saucepan and pour on Trilby's BBQ Sauce. Makes about 50 to 75 meatballs.

Awesome Baby Back Ribs
Don't have time to slow cook on a grill?
Try this!
2 Rack of Ribs
Trilby's BBQ Rub
Trilby's BBQ Sauce
Foil & Water

Place the ribs on a cookie sheet with edges, add approximately 1-2 cups of water, sprinkle ribs thoroughly with Trilby's BBQ Rub, cover tightly with sheets of foil to lock in the steam. Place in oven at 400 degrees for approximately 1-2 hours.

Ribs should be thoroughly cooked before removing foil and water. Baste with Trilby's BBQ Sauce. Place back into oven at about 300 degrees for about 15-30 minutes until sauce is thick and gooey!

If you wish to get that BBQ grill appeal, transfer to the grill and baste with Trilby's BBQ Sauce.

Trilby's BBQ Beef Sandwiches
2 pounds Ground Beef (such as pot roast)
1 Ounce Trilby's BBQ Rub
1 Jar Trilby's BBQ Sauce
French Rolls

Place beef, Trilby's BBQ Rub, and 2-3 cups of water into a pot with a lid. Cook meat on medium heat for approximately 2 to 3 hours until meat starts to flake apart. Make sure to keep the water level at or above meat in pot, add more water if necessary.

When meat is falling apart, remove from water, and shred it using a fork or your fingers. Remove any fat or bones.

Place shredded meat into a clean sauce pan, and add enough Trilby's BBQ Sauce to cover meat. Heat and serve on a sliced French roll. Makes about 5 sandwiches.

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